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Your ceremony is undoubtedly the most important part of the day. Stella has been singing at weddings all over the country for some sixteen years now, and knows how integral music is in setting the tone for the big day, whether you’re having a church, civil or spiritual ceremony - take a listen by clicking HERE.

Classically-trained, but with a vast song repertoire of classical, gospel, jazz, Irish and contemporary songs and of course traditional hymns, she has sung at weddings in no less than seven languages - including Elvish, for any Lord of the Rings fans! From Ed Sheeran to Ella Fitzgerald to Enya, her songlist (for church and civil/spiritual ceremonies) is extensive and you can download it HERE. It also offers a guide to selecting music for the ceremony to help you put your favourite songs in the right place!

She sings and plays piano for the ceremony, so you don’t have to book an additional musician, and of course, she brings all her own equipment, so nothing is left to chance on the day. She will also have instrumental music playing in the church/ceremony room as your guests are arriving - this sets a welcoming atmosphere as the guests arrive in. Then, once the celebrant asks your guests to rise for the arrival of the bridal party...well, let the magic begin!

For prices/packages for ceremony music - please enquire HERE for further details.